Vidullanka PLC commissioned its 9th mini hydro power plant in Badulla. The Rideepana Mini Hydro Power Project, with the installed capacity of 1.75 MW was connected to the national grid on 15th May 2015. The project annually generates and transmits 5.94 GWh of environmental friendly electricity under the standard power purchasing agreement with the Ceylon Electricity Board.

The Project Company, Rideepana Hydro (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Vidullanka PLC. The project utilizes the flow of Badulu Oya and annually reduces the country's carbon emission by 3,700 tonnes. Vidullanka PLC continues to invest in renewable energy projects, both in Sri Lanka and overseas with the balanced focus on profits, people and the planet.
Technical Specification
Plant Installed capacity
1.75 MW
Mean annual energy supply
5.94 GWh
River resource
Badulu Oya
Effective catchment area
205 km2
Gross Head
31 m
Channel length
570 m
Plant factor
38.72 %
Commissioning date
15 May 2015
Turbine Type
2 Francis Turbines (1,2560 kW x 1 + 500 kW x 1)