Muvumbe SHPP is the first overseas project of the company in its journey towards diversification. The power plant is located in the Maziba county in the Kabale district of Uganda. The project is expected to generate and supply 31.42 GWh of environment friendly renewable energy to the national grid of Uganda per annum. The Muvumbe SHPP is the first project of Vidullanka PLC constructed and managed under the IFC standards and obtained the GETFiT grant administered by kfw bank of Germany for the positive social and ecological impact it has created in the region.

Plant Installed Capacity
6.5 MW
Mean Annual Energy Supply
31.42 GWh
River Sources
River Nyakizumba ( River Muvumbe )
Effective Catchment Area
868 km2
Gross Head
120 m
Channel Length
2,080 m
Plant Factor
Commissioning Date
15 March 2017
Turbine Type
Francis Turbine ( 1 x 4,000kw + 1 x 2,500 kw)
Projects in Progress
In the Pipeline