Vidullanka PLC constructs and operates renewable energy projects, using such as hydro , solar and wind power sources.  As a BOI approved company incorporated in 1997, Vidullanka plays a significant role in developing the island’s renewable energy generation capacity and contributing to the National Grid. 
Vidullanka has ventured into other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. In wind power generation, the company has partnered with Vergnet, the leading French windmill manufacturer, to market its wind turbines in the South Asian region. With this strategic opportunity, Vidullanka adds another renewable energy source to its growing portfolio, by harnessing and developing wind power generation capacity in Sri Lanka. Initial approval has been obtained to set up a pilot project in Ambewela.

Vidullanka PLC was listed on the main board of Colombo Stock Exchange in October 2008 after being listed as the first hydro power company to do so in 2005 and the success of our strategic expansion into the renewable energy sector has been a significant factor.